what we do


we never settle for mediocre strategy—and neither should you. SOUND’s suite of proprietary tools is designed to help your brand overcome marketing challenges by pinpointing the path to success

brand positioning

a whole-brained approach to positioning that merges classic positioning theory with a deep understanding of human psychology and customer belief and behavior to identify the compelling differentiated benefit for your brand

competitive strategy

SOUND DEFENSE is a high-energy, engaging competitive simulation. unlike classic war-gaming, our approach dives into deeper thinking, uses iterative approaches, and simulates reality

disease education

SOUND EDUCATION is powered by both medical and strategic services to create compelling, competitive disease education approaches, messaging, and creative for your brand

market disruption

a customized belief and behavior change workshop that leverages a variety of approaches to disrupt entrenched customer behavior and habit

portfolio management

a rigorous process designed to help clients effectively manage or organize a portfolio or franchise of products that includes portfolio architecture, umbrella positioning, co-positioning, and co-selling

brand planning

an expert approach to assessing the current landscape and mapping out the brand’s critical strategic challenges and opportunities for cross-functional alignment

marketing training

comprehensive training modules designed to hone marketing and strategic acumen across levels of expertise


we’re more than strategists. we’re storytellers. through beautiful design, compelling copy, and flawless execution, SOUND has the talent to help your brand story sing in any channel

creative concepting

our proven proprietary process to developing groundbreaking conceptual ideas ensures that your brand’s story will resonate unlike anything else in the market


our talented branding specialists know how to develop visual identities that truly resonate. from typography to iconography to logos, SOUND makes sure it all works in harmony to help your brand identity sing


we specialize in transforming clinical data into a compelling brand story that is grounded in strategy and expertly crafted to succinctly communicate key information to your audience


an on-site studio allows for SOUND to produce a photoshoot for product shots, secondary images, and more


whether you need to convey mechanism of action, disease education, patient information, or something totally unique, our videos are designed to make complex information as engaging as possible

motion graphics

being entrenched in the digital world, we have seen how incorporating motion graphics can help bring campaign elements to life. we stay on top of the latest trends and always take a holistic approach to infusing them into campaigns

tactical ideation

our one-of-a-kind SOUNDSTORMING process brings creative inspiration and strategic thinking together to spark innovative and effective omnichannel ideas that achieve your marketing objectives

omnichannel execution

wherever your brand belongs, we’re ready to create a presence. SOUND has the capabilities to develop the experiences, tools, and materials you need to reach your target audience


elegant and intuitive websites are designed with the user experience in mind, incorporating the creative concept, messaging, and resources into a dynamic online experience


interactive and compelling, our IVAs are easy-to-use digital resources that enable reps to zero in on key content and have meaningful discussions with healthcare professionals in minutes


healthcare is one of the top 5 most popular podcasting genres, and SOUND is skilled at bringing content to life using this uniquely engaging medium. whether they feature KOL discussions, deep dives into data, or topical healthcare debates—find out how SOUND can help you leverage podcasts as part of your omnichannel approach to excellence


SOUND’s strategic use of audio can help differentiate your brand and make its identity sing, capturing your audience’s attention and increasing recognition through the use of…SOUND!

projection technology

with the latest 3D projection technology, SOUND can bring ideas to life more realistically than ever before, creating a truly immersive, one-of-a-kind experience

social media

harness the power of social media to strategically broaden your reach, engage with your customers, and accelerate brand awareness

mobile apps

with our intuitive, user-friendly apps, engagement with your brand can be as simple as a tap of the screen


the most compelling brand stories are immersive experiences. we work with the best talent in the industry to create award-winning augmented and virtual reality experiences that bring brands to life


development of a full customer engagement strategy captures data and insights to keep your brand top of mind and on the cutting edge

print materials

while the industry has made the shift toward digital, we give equal attention to this tried and true mainstay, ensuring that every piece has a fresh and approachable look

congresses and conventions

we help create a presence by pushing beyond the traditional booth experience to make sure that your brand stands out and your customers’ experience is long lasting

market access

we provide unrivaled, end-to-end market access (MA) solutions through the combined excellence of an award-winning, full-service agency working seamlessly with highly experienced MA thought leadership

market immersion

a rigorous process looking at the science—and beyond—to understand the market dynamics that will shape the future and drive value, ensuring that major strategic initiatives are grounded in clear objectives that maximize brand access and reimbursement

access strategic generation

a payer-focused approach to developing unique value propositions and positioning that incorporates population-based and economic-focused drivers into classic positioning theory, resulting in a compelling differentiation that positively motivates key stakeholders

creative development

our method of storytelling that supports the brand’s MA core positioning and value proposition while addressing the unique concerns and pain points of various customer segments

surroundSOUND MA

an omnichannel approach to development and execution of tactics that communicates the value stories across payer/provider/patient channels to drive demand and improve access

SOUND MA analytics/measurement

an end-to-end, analytical approach to driving stakeholder behavioral change that maximizes your brand’s performance. we leverage our internal, broad US real-world data set to support payer analysis from precommercialization to loss of exclusivity

NJ roots, global reach

SOUND is proud to be a member of Worldwide Partners, Inc. (WPI), one of the world’s largest networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies. WPI is composed of over 70 agencies in 40+ countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America


WPI serves as a hub that harnesses the creativity, local expertise, and resources of the agencies within the partnership to solve problems for clients on a local, regional, and international basis. as a part of this network, SOUND looks forward to helping you make the right impression on your audience and achieve your objectives in any market

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