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i am writing this letter to give the highest recommendation for SOUND healthcare communications. they are extremely responsive, organized, and have always come through for me. they’re a pleasure to work with and I have really admired their talent, tenacity, resilience, and growth over the years. if you choose to work with SOUND you will be extremely happy with the quality of their services.
associate director—Boehringer Ingelheim
we brought SOUND on board to help us with the launch of viekira XR. i have to say, they really delivered on every level. from strategy, to creative, to customer service, we couldn’t have been happier. the team they’ve assembled is impressive—smart, dedicated, and an absolute pleasure to work with. from initial brand strategy and concept development, all the way through the final stages of tactical execution, i’m happy to say they really turned out to be the great partners we needed during this critical time in the life cycle of our brand.
marketing director—AbbVie
the term ‘partnership’ is tossed around loosely, but it is completely deserved when describing SOUND’s contribution to our brand team. they are experts at building and optimizing brands. their ability to bring structure and process to complex issues ensures that there is discipline, rigor, and alignment along the journey. however, i am most impressed by the manner in which they provoke constructive dialogue by challenging us to go beyond the expected in pursuit of bold, breakthrough strategies and creative that truly separate a brand from the field of competition.
senior vice president—Biohaven

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